Episode 4

Kim and Kay are birth workers who started The Queer Parenting Partnership, an organization that provides birth and parenting support services in the UK. Combining their knowledge of midwifery and childcare, they have created a complete antenatal and postnatal education program for all types of parents, which also recognizes the need for additional services for LGBTQ+ families and other families perceived to be minorities.

This amazing team leads us in a conversation on the homophobia and transphobia present in the UK's medical/birth world and how important and needed their work is to the queer community. The interview also highlights their involvement the newly-created NHS guidelines, as well as the state of LGBTQ+ rights in general in the UK.

The Queer Parenting Partnership
The Queer Parenting Partnership (Instagram)
The Queer Parenting Partnership (Facebook)
Gender Inclusion Outline/Resources (Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals)
NHS Guidelines: Gender Inclusive Language in Perinatal Services (BSUH / NHS Trust)

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