Episode 6

Corinne is the founder and president of Eastern PA Trans Equity Project, an organization that provides resources, education, outreach, legal assistance, financial aid and community support for transgender people in Eastern Pennsylvania, USA.

The interview starts by diving in the organization and the services they provide to the community, discussing why their work is important and needed. Corrine explains how difficult it may be to navigate in a society that is still progressing towards inclusion of transgender people. She also discuss powerful statistics/facts, and reminds us of the success stories of those who have fuller, more positive lives as a result of living their genuine gender.

During the interview, Corinne also weighs in on her personal experiences as a transgender woman, and on the actions she takes as a leader for an important and expanding organization. The interview also touches on recent United States laws (i.e. regarding healthcare, bathroom laws, trans people in sports, restrictions on trans child support, etc.), exploring how these laws affect the transgender community and society as a whole.

Eastern PA Trans Equity Project
Lehigh Valley Transgender Renaissance

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